Mediation Conference
Conference Materials

You’ll find all the materials you need for the 12th Annual Virtual Midwest Mediation Conference below.

Post-Conference Materials

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1 – Introductions

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2 – Psychology of Mediation

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3 – Diversity and Unconscious Bias

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4 – Ethics Issues

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4a – Ethical Issues

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5 – Art of Asking Questions

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6 – Breaking Impasse

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6a – Mediator’s Proposal

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7 – Personal Qualities of the Mediator

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Mediation Goes to the Movies

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A Call – and a Blueprint – for Change

Love Has No Labels

Zoom Rules & Conference Agenda

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Zoom Rules

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Conference Agenda

Conference Materials

bringing peace into the room

Bringing Peace Into the Room

follow the science

Follow the Science – Proven Strategies for Reducing Unconscious Bias

impasse breaking techniques

Impasse-Breaking Techniques

mediation and the art of shuttle diplomacy

Mediation and the Art of Shuttle Diplomacy

mediation multiple minds and managing the negotiation within

Mediation, Multiple Minds and Managing the Negotiation Within

mediator as village elder

Mediator as Village Elder

ten principles of mediation ethics

Ten Principles of Mediation Ethics

the art of asking questions

The Art of Asking Questions

ethical dilemmas

Ethical Dilemmas

commercial agreement to mediate

Commercial Agreement to Mediate

family agreement to mediate

Famiy Agreement to Mediate

Conference Attendance Certification Form


Conference Attendance Certification Form

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