The IAM is the statewide association of professionals serving the mediation needs of Hoosiers. Established in 1992 as a not-for-profit organization, the IAM is dedicated to the promotion of mediation and the support of professional mediators. The association strives to serve the needs of the community and the general public by promoting the use of mediation as an effective, less costly, and non-adversarial alternative to litigation.

Mediation is growing internationally as a preferred means of dispute resolution. Judges are turning to mediation to help reduce the backlog of court cases. Moreover, research shows that compliance with mediated agreements is higher than with court judgments because the parties themselves have mutually decided the way to resolve their problems.

The IAM has gained recognition throughout the midwest and the state of Indiana as a major resource in the field of mediation and as an important source of training opportunities. If you're serious about being a mediator, are committed to mediation as the primary means of resolving disputes, and wish to further mediation as a profession, then the IAM is the organization for you. As a member, you would join a statewide network of mediators who are dedicated to the promotion of mediation and the support of its professional practice.

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